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So, I figured I'd put together a little game to share our personal preferences, have a little fun, and maybe have a little competition.  Here are the rules


from each category you can pick ONE effect that you consider your favorite/ go-to effect for that category.  You can choose from either the Helix or the Legacy effects, but only one or the other per category, not one of each for a category.  You don't have to explain why (but you can if you want). And at intervals I will tally up the votes for each category and post the current leader/ winner.  Categories are listed below!

**note**  I put fuzz in a category of its own, b/c, lets face it...  fuzz is it's own category. :)

**note** for the modulation section, I actually split it up into sub categories just because.  You can either pick one overall, pick one per category, or both ;)











---ring/ rotary








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Since I set this up, I'll start the voting. :)

Here goes


Distortion    Mine is the KBW... has a really good tone I think

Fuzz    for the Fuzz effects, I really like the Legacy Fuzz Pi.  I think they did a good job of catching the sound of the Muff

Dynamics  This one is easy for me...  Kinky Comp.  use it on most of my patches. Great effect

Filter    For filters I really like the Obi-wah...  

Modulation   Dimension

---flanger/phaser    favorite here is the Barberpole effect in the legacy effects... 

---tremolo/vibrato    the 60's bias Trem is my favorite here probably.

---chorus/univibe    This one is easy for me too...  Has to be the Dimension chorus from the Legacy effects.  Too much fun

---ring/ rotary     Probably don't have one here, as I don't use them much, but the pitch ring mod is kinda cool so we'll go with that

Delay      Cosmos Echo

Reverb     Glitz is amazing

Wah       weeper is a good one (prefer my Ibanez WD-7 to the ones in HX)

EQ          Low Cut/ High Cut is pretty handy

Pitch/Synth     the Twin Harmony is pretty nice sounding.

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