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I did measure the current draw on my Helix HX. Even with all blocks enabled , the max amperage I could read was around 1.1 A. 
The DC3 says its providing 3 A. That may be necessary for other Helix devices but - so my guess - not for the HX.

I just ordered a PS (switch mode) from China. The benefit in that case ? Very small, so I can build a DIY PS that fits perfectly underneath the pedalboard.

Here the specs:


1.Input voltage: AC 85-250V(50/60Hz)

2.Output: DC 9V/1.5A

3.Output voltage accuracy: 9V±1%

4.Output ripple: 100mV

5.Load adjustment rate: ±3%

6.Voltage adjustment rate: ±1%

7.Efficiency: 84%

8.Switching frequency: 60K

9.Protection: Over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection

10.Withstand voltage: 3000V

11.Size: L38mm * W25mm * H22mm

12.Weight: 27g





Your thoughts?




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Hi Knut,


Not my thoughts on the subject, but here is a quote regarding HX power supplies.

It’s from Digital Igloo (Eric) on the Helix HX FAQs Page:


Yeah, but that honkin’ huge DC-3G power supply is like a third the size of the entire pedal!
The power supply is large, yes. To ensure the same signal integrity of its bigger brothers, we needed a burly power supply.
That said, these two seem to work just fine:
  •  Strymon Zuma R300—Appears to work fine when doubling up TWO 9V outputs
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4—Appears to work fine when doubling up TWO 9V outputs
 IMPORTANT NOTE #1: HX Stomp’s sophisticated circuitry pulls notably more than your average pedal. Hence, we used a DC IN jack with a larger center pin to sort of disincentivize people from throwing whatever at it. The stock DC cables that come with the power supplies listed above will NOT fit. Note that Eventide does the exact same thing with their H9.
IMPORTANT NOTE #2: YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. Feel free to use this FAQ as a starting point, but Line 6 is not responsible for any damage incurred when using HX Stomp with any third-party power supplies. That is, if someone writes "B-b-but Line 6 said I could use [power supply X!]," someone will hopefully refer them to this post where I make it perfectly clear that we only *officially* support our DC-3G.
So, the main things to note from that are, there are reasons for it being so large and Line 6 only support the DC-3G.
Good luck with your modified power supply.
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Some people just can't help themselves.  Get a shiny, new, expensive piece of gear and start hacking at it until they break it.  I guess it pays off to some degree.  It resulted in a show about a guy that does it all the time.  It was called, "Home Improvement" and Tim Taylor was quite popular for his colorful explosions.....

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"That may be necessary for other Helix devices but - so my guess - not for the HX."---

Guessing with power supplies is not a good idea. Don't go there. 


Use the supply specified for the product. Don't risk voiding your warranty. 

Do not use substitutes, don't do that, don't go there. 


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I can understand the desire to improve the power supply because, at least with the Stomp - forget the fact that it's bulky, the bigger problem is that the cord isn't even long enough to floss with.


That's my one true beef with the Stomp. Was that length of cord a budgetary cut? Would two or even three times that have pushed the price up to the next price point?


If so, well . . . okay . . . but that length just plain sucks. I went and bought an extension cord because otherwise people thought I was trying to ambush people with tripwire.

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First of all. An external PS is a piece of s... ;-) 
Not a pro tool at all. I use a Fractal AXE 3 and AX8. They all come with an internal PS. 


But I like the HELIX HX. Awesome piece of gear. I use it mainly for rehearsals or as backup. And I do understand that for the size you need an external PS.
I know that the best solution will be a CIOKS DC-7. These are the best PS at all. I have several DC-10 on my other boards so I know what I am talking about.
But a DC-7 only to power one HX ????? ;-) 

I also like the idea of having some kind of black box (a small one ;-) ) where I have only one plug to power up everything.
Powercon True1 that is.

The LINE 6 PS is a switch mode power supply. For sure manufactured in China. Probably made in the same plant where I ordered mine ;-) 
I could easily build a traditional PS with transformer , rectifier and regulator. But  I am not that familiar with  switch mode PS.

A PS is not rocket science. And as I stated above . The HX don't need 3 A at all. It is 9 Volt DC. You may not reverse the polarity. But hey,  that is greasy kid stuff.

Don't worry. I won't blow up my HX. 

So any experts for  switch mode PS?  Probably the ripple voltage  too high? Switching frequency 60 k okay? Or better choose a PS with > 150 K. Is it clean enough:

Unfortunately I don't have an oscilloscope ;-) 

Another idea is, buying another DC3 , crack it up and put it in proper  box ;-) 



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