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Pod Hd 500x - Recording Via Usb And 4 Cable Method

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Connecting a pod HD via Usb captures the preamp of the floor processor right?


Would it be possible to capture a Marshall amp head via the 4 cable method by connecting a pod HD 500X to a computer via Usb with the help of a proper signal chain?


Im looking forward to buy the HD 500x and i use the 4 cable method a lot, and record via usb. But i would like to record the amp head, not the pre-amps. Is this possible without micing the cabinet?





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Not really any way to do it without micing the cabinet.

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By connecting the HD500 via Usb to your computer, you can capture the output of the HD500.
Therefore, since you will be using the FX Loop, you may record (capture) ONLY THE MARSHAL PREAMP, not the cabinet.

So your recording will include the marshal preamp and any other FX you will place in the chain, BUT IT WILL LACK CAB+MIC simulation.
Attaching a trial patch.

gingerfish test.zip

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Late to the discussion but though I'd post this anyway for posterity.


I've been working on this as well. I have an HD500 hooked up to a Mesa 5:50 Express head via 4 cable method. The head's speaker out goes into a Mesa CabClone and the output of that goes into a line input on my interface.


I've been able to get really great tones that way, though, if I understand correctly, you have to live with a couple of extra digital <--> audio conversions that you don't have if you're just using the amps/cabs in the pod and connecting digitally to the interface or directly from the pod to a computer.


But, with a little different gain and EQ approach in the pod signal chain, I've been able to make this method sound great despite the extra conversions.


I'm still running some tests and flipping switches so to speak to make sure I understand exactly what's going on in my signal chain...but so far so good.

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