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Valve Help Needed For Dt25 Head


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Hi all


i own a dream rig pod hd500 dt25 head  4x12 cab and jt variax


my concern is what to do if and when the valves/tubes need replacing , hope this never happens at a gig !!!! and it fails 



how do i replace them never had a valve amp before always used solid state 


whats biasing etc and should it be done by line 6 service centre etc , but what happens if they fail during a gig ?


please help thanks 

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Get a matched set of power tubes for your DT25.

Plug them in at home or practice room and check how bad they sound if not biased (it probably won't be bad).

Replace them with the original ones you had and store your replacement set in a save box for when you need them and don't worry anymore.

Once you really need them get them biased or do it yourselves after you get homw/back from your gig.

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Buy a matched quartet, install one pair and bias. Take the other pair and keep them with you at gigs so you can swap without hassle should a problem arise. Keep your original tubes as emergency backups to your backups.

Nice improvement to my simple approach ;-).

Will keep that in mind

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