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Using the Helix LT Guitar Input for a Mic


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can i use the guitar input with a dynamic mic on helix lt?

there are cables that would open up this opportunity.


will this result in worse quality compared with the xlr input on normal helix (non LT) ?


or are these inputs basically identical aside from the xlr/line jack?

or are there some kind of impedancy differences or does the normal helix have some integrated mic preamp that boosts the signal?


would really be interesting to know more about this subject.


thank you very much!

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You can try, nothing dangerous should not happen.
Mikes have very low voltage on low impedance, using unbalanced input you lose 6dB. The signal after AD conversion will be very low. This is why mic preamps were invented.
Set guitar input to the lowest possible impedance, use one or two boosters - maybe you can push it to usable level.
BTW - You can also try passive transformer Di box reversed.

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