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I found some other threads as it relates to stomp and some old Helix threads that show there might be an issue with this but want to confirm with others.  Last night I tried to record into garage band IOS  on my iPad Pro using the Helix interface and the Apple Cam Connection Kit. On the helix unit I set an acoustic guitar path to Helix Guitar input and the Helix USB 1&2 output.  I set a vocal path to Helix XLR Mic input and output helix  USB 3/4.  I go to IOS Garageband and set the guitar channel to input 1.  I then set the mic channel to input 2. I then set both channels to multi record in hopes to capture my voice on one track and my guitar on another at the same time.I push record.  I get nothing.  I do the same on my MacBook Pro and it works.  Is this really a bug in IOS GB that has never been fixed?  I think I read others reported this issue back in 2016.  I then tried a work around I saw and used an app called AUM and while I can get one track to record at a time in GB IOS there is no way for me to get 2 tracks to record at the same time.  I was hoping to have my IPAD ready and available to capture new song Ideas on the fly.... Does anyone have any info about this or am I doing something wrong?

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