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Any fans of the 'Triangle Fuzz' AKA BIG MUFF in HELIX?


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In this video I want to show the difference between the 'TRIANGLE FUZZ' (based on an original TRIANGLE BIG MUFF) and a modern BIG MUFF NANO. I hope this video helps you out to decide if you should still use a real MUFF or not. I understand that the MUFF in HX is based on a different one, this is just a very accessible version.


I hope they add a more modern sounding MUFF, that's close to the BIG MUFF PI in the future :) 



Don't forget to check my other HX STOMP videos out and subscribe for more!

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I’ve compared the Triangle Fuzz to my Tym Guitars muff clones, which are the best muff pedals I’ve played. The Triangle Fuzz can be dialled close enough that I doubt I could pick it in a blind test if I’m honest and definitely wouldn’t pick it in a band mix. 


I still use the Tym pedals on the board, just because I like them, but I could happily use the Triangle Fuzz in their place. 

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I've been watching your videos over the last few days.  Cool to see the comparisons.


I don't muff myself very often, but I did hear the difference that you heard. I'd be curious to know how the original Big Muff Pi sounds compared to both the Helix and the Nano Muffer you have.  I did find this old video comparing M9's Muffer to the original, and they sounded pretty close to each other, and I assume the tech only got better, but your video makes me wonder.



How do the other fuzz's on the Helix compare to your needs? 


Edit:  I did find this version comparing to original Big Muff to the Nano and they seem pretty much idnetical:



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