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Studio UX1 with Bluetooth

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It is my understanding that when I am using the POD Studio UX1 as my audio device I can only hear audio by plugging headphones directly into the POD.  I have Bluetooth headphone and am using a Bluetooth capable PC.  

I have had tons of problems with the wired headphone jack on my JBL Everest Elite Bluetooth headphones.  The sound cuts out if you so much as breathe on the cable.  I have had the cable replaced, Etc to no avail.

is there a way of using Bluetooth headphones with the POD, or some kind of adapter available I can plug into the POD  for wireless connection?


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There are two analog outputs on the UX1 that you can use to plug into an amplifier and speaker. 


Bluetooth would not be good because it would have a slight delay in the sound which would make it difficult to work with. Besides bluetooth headsets are not designed to handle the levels that an instrument produces. 

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Dave's right. I've tried using bluetooth transmitters to send the signal from various equipment to my bluetooth headphones, but there is always a delay. Usually about 500-800ms. If you get an aptX transmitter and aptX capable headphones, you could get that latency down to about 50-80ms in practice (they claim 20-30ms on the box, but don't believe it). Your playing will feel spongy, and the signal compression will affect the quality too.


As I understand it, latency is a fundamental weakness in the bluetooth protocol, and we won't be able to have lower latency headphones until another protocol is created and adopted.

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