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HX STOMP Wireless MIDI controller (iPad) [AUG 2021 UPDATED]


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HX STOMP Wireless MIDI Controller

(Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI Designer PRO 2, IOS)
Now available!! Version 1.5


Changes Log:

1 August, 2021: v 1.5 (Current)

10 January, 2021: v 1.4

21 March, 2019: v 1.3

17 March, 2019: Version 1.2

7 March, 2019: Version 1.1

6 March, 2019: Final version 1.0

3 March, 2019: Release Candidate 1

Free Updates for any costumer.



1 - Main View

This covers all the HX Stomp MIDI implementation. An additional "Connections" button is included to quickly connect your MIDI over Bluetooth devices.

2 - Setlist View

Select 8 presets in any order, and switch easily between them. Store automatically your setlists in 8 banks.

3 - Preset View

Navigate over your entire preset catalog, while keeping the most relevant functionality at the same screen.


4 - Favs View

Easy access to your favourite presets with 72 labeled, color coded blocks in ABC format.


5 - BlueBoard View

Embedded support for the iRig BlueBoard (two of them simultaneously). Also compatible with any other configurable MIDI Device.





Changes Log:

Changes Log:

1 August 2021 - Updated to 1.5

  • Save and Mode buttons added (Requires Firmware 3.10 or later)
  • Preset pickers on Setlist View now includes colorful highlights

10 January 2021 - Updated to 1.4

  • Improved design
  • Reworked Favs screen
  • BlueBoard screen added
  • Extended visual Input: Now this Layout can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2] if you have configured your device to send such data in Command Center. The same is applied to CC1 and CC2 (EXP pedals). These changes must be saved per preset basis in your device.

21 March 2019 - Updated to v1.3

  •  Reworked Favorites screen
  •  Blueboard Looper fixed
  •  Undo button changed to momentary
  •  Many minor graphic changes

17 March 2019 - Updated to v1.2

  • Bidirectional MIDI support
  • Better overall design

7 March, 2019: Updated to 1.1

6 March, 2019: Final version 1.0

3 March, 2019: Release Candidate 1




V1.5 Cheat Sheets:


1- Main View


2 - Setlist View


3- Preset View


4- Favs View


5- BlueBoard View

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Recommended MIDI interfaces



Yamaha MD-BT01



Roland UM-ONE MKII + Apple CCK USB3



Note that wireless and wired connections can be used at the same time, so you can connect to your iPad wirelessly while having a wired connection with your laptop.


So using HX Stomp MIDI controller and HX Edit simultaneously is not only possible, but very practical!

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15 hours ago, d0stenning said:

I just purchased and downloaded this.


But whenever I try an OPEN-IN to install the preset in M D  nothing happens. 


On iPad Air 2 latest iOS. Latest MD PRO


How do I load this file into MIDI DESIGNER ? 


15 hours ago, d0stenning said:

i've got the file in both my DropBox folder on iPad AND iCloud 


Hi, d0dtenning! Thank you for your support, really appreciated!


So, were you finally able to load the file from dropbox or iCloud?


Personal note: I really need to document some procedures like this, to make things easier.

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Yes, Ed - I have moved this topic to the Promote Your Patches section as you suggested. This is a useful template/utility and since you are understandably selling it this properly belongs in the new section.



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I bought the template yesterday.

Quite tricky to get MidiDesigner to load it, I'd suggest a brief tutorial for new users...

Anyway, I got it running, in the end.

I have two questions:

- How is the Favs page supposed to work? It seems nothing can be edited, only a credit page?

- On my 4th generation iPad I get frequent 'possible memory issue' alert. Maybe reducing the number of pages may help. Would it be possible to have a 'light' version? Say, without Presets page, just to see if it runs smoothly. I believe the edit should be very easy...


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Hi Giatur! Thank you for your purchase.


- The Favs page is the only one where you need to operate in Edit Mode, just to change the label and the Program Change associated with each button.

- The 'possible memory issue' shouldn't be really an issue unless you're running other apps simultaneously. However, you can safely delete the Favs pages, to see if the performance gets improved with your iPad 4th. The rest of the pages are way more tricky to delete, as they inherits from the main one.


I need to improve the manuals but have been too busy lately with my daily life. Hope to find the time soon to keep improving!

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Hi Ed,

good answer; when I read it first I thought 'should have guessed it before'.

But..... The layout is locked, and in order to unlock it I'm prompted to buy another module, Pack Extra Features #2. (from MidiDesigner, not from your layout)

Is it the intended behavior? In the other thread you wrote about the total cost of your solution, and no extra pack was mentioned.

It's not a lot of money, but it should be explained before since it's seems to be mandatory to use the Favs page.

Hope I'm missing something.


Thank you


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since Ed is not nearby, here is what I found on this topic..... would someone be interested .....

The Fav page is locked (so it's mainly a credit page) and the only way I was able to UNLOCK it (and edit labels and Program Changes) was buying the extra modula Pack Extra Features #2.

It's 5.42 euros in Europe; not a big price, but it should be counted for the total cost of the layout.


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On 8/8/2021 at 2:02 PM, bricker211 said:

Will this work on iPhone too?


Not really, MD requires specific Layout versions made for the iphone.


I've made a iPhone Layout for the iCon G-Board and the HX Stomp, but it works even without the G-Board.


It's not so updated, but it's cheaper, and it works:


Was made using an Iphone 5C (So I don't really know how it looks in bigger screens)

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