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Connecting A Fpp To Windows 7 Using An Usb Midi Plug&play Interface

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Dear Fellas:

I have a FPP (FLOOR POD PLUS) and a VYZEX Software last version (2.01) that I downloaded from this Line 6 Site (Everything is running in a Windows 7 Platform). I got communication (Midi Led and USB leds on the INTERFACE show activity is ON) with my computer (Acer with USB and Windows 7 Platform Updated) through a midi Plug & Play interface from China (Cavo ADATTATORE USB MIDI), BUT I cannot download completely the Custom Tones to the FPP from my computer.

I could get the communication ONLY changing the parameters of MIDI PORTS MANUALLY in the software (Only way to be able to see a kind of communication) and connecting MIDI in cable to OUT in FPP and MIDI out cable to IN in the FPP (Cross Communication). I downloaded some CUSTOMS TONES (from this site) in my computer and once I try to Download these to my FPP it shows me (in the computer) That it IS DONE, But at the same time when I click “STORE†or “STORE IN†in the software the FPP is not changing its settings (Red Leds stay where they were previously). When I move my Pedal in the FPP there is activity in the Blue LED of the INTERFACE (showing me, there IS communication & activity), But when I try to download a custom tone it does NOT work (does not affect the settings physically in the FPP). Also even I got a kind of communication; I have never been able to do a "SYNC SET from FPP". Is suspect this FACT has a relationship with the FACT I cannot Download the Custom tones physically to my FPP....


If someone has any idea that can HELP me, I would really appreciate it.


Thanks and keep making music a way to endure life!!


The Best !!, Jaime C.

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My first guess would be that cheap USB to MIDI lead. Get the recommended M-Audio MIDISport Uno and try that. Cheap devices can often send some data giving the appearance of working but fall down on the finer points, like SysEx.

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