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Funny Story. Maybe. And A Question...


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I've got a Hughes and a Kettner Tubemeister 36 and love it; but it's not as fat as the channel IV of my DT 25. So I've been experimenting with purchasing a couple of pedals to try and fatten it up, primarily a Bogner red ecstasy or seeing as the channel IV is emulating a mesa dual rectifier (am I right?) then I looked at a Mesa throttle jockey.


So I did an AB on the pedals through the H&K versus a DT 50 (I think as opposed to 25) combo. I'm over combos - head and cab is the way to get the big - non boxy - sound but when I turned the DT combo on, the thing was amazing even at low volumes. Fat, thick, chunky.



Soooo...... I'm struggling with my presets a little. I've downloaded a few heavy sounds such as EVERLONG etc, but just want the stock channel IV back that I seem to have lost.

I'm running an HD 300 so any advice or settings would be appreciated.

I'm a bit laymans too - not even sure of the difference between pre and full amp settings. And which cab?


Trying to use my ears but I think they're broken.


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