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I just added a Variax Standard to my guitar arsenal, I've been using a Helix as a switcher/pedalboard for my amp rig for nearly two years.  One of the things I really looked forward to with the Variax was being able to play one of my tunes live that switches from a Nashville tuned acoustic to a Drop-C heavy electric (the acoustic sound routes to the PA and the electric to my Mesa). I keep a beater acoustic strung up for Nashville tuning in my studio and I just love the tones I get.

I am very pleased that I was able to easily set all this up in workbench HD and my Helix, but my big complaint is the electronic sound of the acoustic patch once the strings transpose a full octave.

What I was wondering was since the Variax/Workbench already have samples of higher pitched, unwound strings, what would it take to be able to reassign what strings types are at each of the six locations?  If I could assign a wound G-style string to the low E position, it would not have to transpose far and would sound much more natural, likewise placing unwound strings for the A, D and G positions to make them more natural.   Hopefully this wouldn't be a complete game changer that cannot be accomplished with Variax, maybe it couldn't be done for parallel 12 strings where it would require more than one string sample per position, but it would seem possible as long as only one string sample per real string was used. 

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That is not possible, but consider enabling the 12 string "mode" and muting the main string. It can lead to better results sometimes.


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