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Is this a bug?


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I just picked up a second hand helix. I'm setting a/b split to State 1= 100% A and State 2= Even Split when the footswitch is clicked.


Even if I set State 2 to even split and save it, whenever I click from State 1 to State 2, it always reverts back to 100% B instead of Even Split.


Google drive Link with video:



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That video doesn't look like you are editing the value in the right place. You are only temporarily changing it. 


1: Instead of changing the value with the small button under the "route to" label... push and hold that button. 

2: That opens new options... the footswitch should be assigned already... but further to the right is "min & max values"

3: The MIN value is your "State 1" (as you call it) value, the MAX value is your "State 2" value. 

4: Save the changes and test the results.... it should work! 


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Thank you. This is directly related to the question I asked last night as well. How do you set the min/max in the HX edit application?

Edit: found it in the "Bypass/Controller Assign section of HX Edit. I usually do the controller assign on the unit because then I know physically where the button is. Can never remember which is footswitch 7, and so on.

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