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Pod Farm Is Not Working With Fl Studio

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So, I use FL Studio a large amount, and I wanted to record a guitar line.  I knew that my brother owned a GX (and a guitar, and POD Farm), and after discovering that POD Farm comes in VST-form as well, I was ecstatic.  I immediately placed the VST onto FL Studio after I had sorted out some problems with not being able to detect input into the normal POD Farm.


Having set up everything correctly (to my knowledge), I tested it out, and, lo and behold, I could hear input from the GX into the mixer and out through the master, but it was as if the sound passed right through the POD Farm without anything happening to it.  The Input and Output monitors did not spike when I played, and no effects (e.g., amp, distortion, EQ, etc.) changed the sound.


So, to quote Derpy Hooves, "I just don't know what went wrong!"


Can anybody help?

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1.  Make sure you have selected the GX ASIO as your inputs.


2.  Use one button recording to record directly to a track, or to record to the Edison editor (your choice).  Once recording is finished, reassign it from the "REC" track to one of your inserts.


Do not use the plug-in until after your recording is done.  It is for post processing.

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