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Variax 600 ( disc. 3 knob versions)


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Considering picking up a used one Variax 600 online, but wondering...

A: does this guitar even work w the HD5X software?

B: will I be able to make patches w differnt guitars (Tele A1, LP A2, Tele A3 etc.) saved in the patch- or must I physically turn the knob to the desired guitars when I want to call them? 

C: will I be able to make the guitar in different tunings via patch changes? (not using the pitch shifter pedal in the HD5X) 


Any info greatly appreciated! 

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I'm not sure I understand your "A" question... do you mean HD Edit, or Workbench? I address Workbench below with my "warning".  


B: If you use a VDI Cable the HD500 can power the Variax, and change the patches in the Variax automatically. In the HD500x global settings you will set the VARIAX MODEL to "per preset". Then you can load a different model in any preset. 


C: Older Variax models have to the the tunings baked into a patch. The tunings cannot be altered separately.  This is accomplished by storing (on the guitar) the same patch with an alternate tuning. With the HD500x, you also need to double your preset. One preset will call the normal tuned guitar, the other can call the altered tuned guitar. Of course, you can always access the altered tuned guitar from the guitar switches itself. 


WARNING! (this may be what you were asking in question A) 

The original Workbench Software that the older Variax guitars requires to create altered tuning, other modifications and patch management DOES NOT WORK with the HD500x. You won't be able to connect the Variax to the computer through the HD, you will need the Workbench interface, or an older POD for that connection. The HD500 worked, but not the HD500x. 

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