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Latency When Using Mic Through Ux1 With Riffworks.

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As the title explains, I'm having some latency issues when recording using a mic through the UX1, and Pod Farm 2 into Riffworks.


The strange thing is, I never used to have this issue. I hadn't used my mic for a while before the other day. But like I said, I never had these issues before hand. It's pretty annoying.


I'm recording on my Laptop, operating Windows 7, and ASIO4ALL v2 sound driver.


I'd appreciate any advice or information.




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Latency is a standard issue, but you can work around it.


1.  Get rid of those rubbish ASIO4ALL drivers and use the UX1 ASIO driver

2.  Monitor your playing/singing via the UX1 headphone output.  The low latency driver will allow you to record in time to your tracks

3.  Your DAW should adjust the latency after the fact.  If it doesn't, it's a simple matter of repositioning the track.

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