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WorkBench does not detect standard variax, help me please!

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Hello Friends, I just bought this Guitar from a friend, but I tried to connect it by means of the original interface of the own brand, and try to install the usb driver of the interface first> install the line 6 monkey last version> after this it suggests me that I must install the hd workbench which is installed. It should be noted that I have the guitar with the full battery charge, connected with a 1/4 cable to my amplifier, and connected to the interface with a network cable with the knob on one of the guitar models but I see that the light is red this is normal ?, since the interface lights both green LEDs there is both an input and output signal to the PC. Line 6 monkey tells me that everything is already installed but I see that it does not work out that I am detecting the variax since it only shows USB INTERFACE and in the WB it does not detect it, is there anything I have omitted? Or did I do wrong ?, Attached photos of the details, I hope you can help me and thank you very much.

pantalla 1.PNG

pantalla 2.PNG

pantalla 3.PNG

pantalla 4.jpg

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Hi, yesterday I tried Cat5 and today I did it again with Cat 5e but there was no improvement in anything.


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Double check the downloads page to be certain that the Monkey, Workbench HD

and computer operation system software are all correct for each other. 


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