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HX FX & Stereo Use of IR's...Help!


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Relatively new HX user here.

I am going to try this setup for an ampless rig:

HX FX with Vox Stomplab used in the loop for Amp sims.
I think it will work pretty well, but I have a question.
How would I use 1 or 2 IR's for a stereo output, to the FOH mixer? I want to run stereo through the PA and don't want to sum it to mono.

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Is the VOX sending a stereo send (ie: 2 amp sends that need 2 IR's) or is the stereo field being created after the return? 

  1. If it's the prior, you need to setup a 2nd paths.... the loop returns to path a, a return has to be added to path b for the output. Then run an IR on each path, and add your effects. Make sure your MERGE block (can be before, or after any "stereo" effects) is panned left/right to keep the signal stereo.
  2. If it's the later, just return the signal in the loop. Now spit the path with two IR's... one on path A, the other on path B. Add effects and merge as you would in example 1.

This is irrelevant to the question... which is why I addressed the question first. But it's what I believe in... so I want to share it! 


I'm not a fan of running stereo live.. not through a PA. IMO.. it alienates the other half of the room. Only the sound tech (and a few other dead center) hears it the way it's suppose to be, everyone else gets a compromise. I don't understand the desire to accomplish this. 


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