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Pod Pro X With A Midi Controller?


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I really REALLY like the Line 6 POD Pro X, because it's unbelievably affordable and sounds great. But, I don't like the Line 6 controllers very much. Can I hook up a normal midi controller to it? Also, how many other midi devices can I control at the same time? On an unrelated note, I play 8 and 10 stringed guitars, and will this be able to handle that kind of low end? Does the chromatic tuner work that well? Thanks!

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1) you can control the HD Pro/X via MIDI, so any MIDI controller set the the same MIDI channel will work.


2) The MIDI PC/CC control is typically limited by the controller.  I have the original Ground control unit and that sends 8 MIDI channel messages simultaniously...  and it is probably 10-15 years old so I am sure newer units can do more.


3) As the POD HD units also have bass modeling (Ampeg and Bassman) I am betting it will be able to handle low end from most applications.  Frequency response tends to be more in the speakers you are using.


4) the tuner works fine for live applications and demo work IMO.  I have measured the tuner to be +/- 2 cents compared to my Peterson tuners, which is the same as most "standard" tuners available on the market for ~$100 USD.


See the link for more info:

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It depends on where the USB connection is. The POD HD ProX must use its MIDI ports, not its USB port for MIDI communications. So if your usb/midi controller connects to your computer via USB and to the Pod via MIDI, then it should work. But if your controller needs to use USB to connect to the Pod then it won't work.

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