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Ipad Or Tablet Compatabilty For Hd Edit?


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Line 6 doesn't comment on future developments, so if this is in the works no one here would know about it.


The best you can do to influence this is to post your suggestion on ideascale.


It seems feasible. The M20d mixer supports remote control from iOS. However it would probably appear in a new product. I doubt that it would be feasible in the Pod HD series because it likely means new hardware.

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Bluetooth compatibility would be great for this, if not a wired connection like line6 has on some keyboards (though that's only for midi processing). The pod is not a host device, which is what the ipad needs for a wired connection.


Maybe in the HD600X..........


The windows 8 pro tablet runs a full version of win 8.1 and has a USB connection. Might fit the bill, though it's 800 bucks

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I've been wondering the same thing about the spider amp and Mk11 shortboard. Nice that there are so many pre-sets to play with, but putting a laptop up on stage a) kills the volume control via pedal, and b) is a fairly bulky and expensive way to 'tweak' your sound on the fly (impossible via front panel knobs-they're TOO sensitive and the unexpected could be disasterous). I know you can program the pedal board, so isolating the volume control shouldn't really be a problem, but bringing up a heads up display of all the effects on the preset channel would be excellent if it could be done on a tablet on the mic stand, as opposed to a computer somewhere near another piece of equipment (or beer) that might 'affect' it's performance.

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