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How To Get Audio Through My Mac?

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Hi all


I have a mac mini, with pod hd pro. I have a decked cd player with amplifier and wanted to know how I can run my pod hd pro through it. Being a stereo system style amplifier I don't know how to hook it up to the pod. The only input/output connections on the back of the amplifier are 2xphono leads and the settings i can toggle between are cd/av/aux/phono/dvd so i have a few 'channels' so to speak.


Also if it is possible to run sound through my pod to my stereo system, what should the output and input be set to on the sound settings on the mac?


Many thanks

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You could use the analog outs of the POD using 1/4" to RCA cables or adapter.

You should be ok with any setting EXCEPT phono.

You just have to make be careful of the levels coming out of the POD so you don't clip or fry the amp's input.

Start with the POD very low and use the amp's volume.


If you are using the POD as you sound device with your Mac, all you sounds from the Mac will also go through your stereo.

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this is the rear of my cambridge audio amplifier. am i correct in thinking that i would go from both unbalanced 1/4' outputs to rca to the back of the amp? i know you mentioned not phono but one of the channels says aux/phono so should i just use that one and see what happens? sorry for the stupidness, its my first time setting up for home recording so i dont have a clue.



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I thought you had one set of inputs with a switch to select the type.

Do you have any documentation to confirm which inputs are line level?

Most of those typically are line level, with the exception of phono, the reason I caution using the phono input is that it typically is an instrument level input, not line level.

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