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How To Really Update The Firmware Of A Relay G30 6-channel Receiver (rxs06)

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To read this post with all the pictures I made, please skip immediately to the attached pdf (How to really update the firmware of a Relay G30 6-channel receiver (RXS06).pdf)



According to my experience I am afraid, the instructions Line6 is providing at its knowledge sites, e.g. http://line6.com/support/docs/DOC-2650, are not all correct.


What I have been using:


i) Relay G30 6-channel receiver RXS06 (firmware version 1.0, as I learned later)

ii) XD-V75 updated to latest device firmware (2.01)

iii) Stereo (TRS) patch cable with 6.5 mm (1/4") male plugs on both ends

iv) USB cable (mini on one side, A plug on the other)

v) Computer with USB port and Line6 Monkey 1.62


These are the instructions with all the steps that really worked in contrast to what Line6 says:


1) Launch Line6 Monkey (any device, choice does not matter)

2) Login or make sure you are logged in

3) Use your USB cable to connect the XD-V75 (power switch of XD-V75 is off)

4) Plug the power supply of the XD-V75 plug into the back of the XD-V75

5) Make sure the screen of the XD-V75 says "LOADER ENABLED"

6) In Line6 Monkey click on button "Connect To Device…". The window may look similar to this:

7) You should get a window offering the XD-V75 device for selection similar to this:

Make sure the XD-V75 presented as "Line 6 Wireless Device" Connection USB is selected and click button "OK".

8) You should now be offered a range of devices that can be managed through the XD-V75 when they are connected to the XD-V75 similar to this:

Select there the "Relay G30 Receiver" (which is your Relay G30 6-channel receiver RXS06) and follow the instructions, i.e.

9) Plug the power plug into the Relay G30 Receiver (to turn it on)

10) Use the TRS patch cable to connect the audio output MAIN OUTS at the back of the XD-V75 with the audio output OUT on the side of the of the Relay G30 Receiver

11) Pull the power plug from the Relay G30 Receiver (to turn it off)

12) Click button "OK"

13) If all works well and the connection between the Relay G30 Receiver and the computer via the XD-V75 can be established, you will get progress bars similar to these

and should then finally get an invitation to power up the Relay G30 Receiver similar to this

14) Plug the power plug into the Relay G30 Receiver (to turn it on)

15) If all works well you should finally see in Line6 Monkey your Relay G30 Receiver similar to this

16) Click on button "Update Selection" and you should get progress information similar to this

till you get the success confirmation

and Line6 Monkey tells you what device firmware is now present in the Relay G30 Receiver's flash memory similar to this



That's all folks. 



Andreas_flf (Andreas from the lower frequencies), 11.May.2013


How to really update the firmware of a Relay G30 6-channel receiver (RXS06).pdf


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