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HX Stomp - Switching presets in snapshot mode


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Hi everyone,


I am thinking about purchasing a HX Stomp, but was wondering about the following


Can I switch between presets (for example 17a to 17b to 17c and back , ...) while in snapshot mode ? From what I've read in the manual, you can only switch between banks ? (for example 17a,b,c to 18a,b,c, and back , ...)


If not, would it be possible if I added an external footswitch ?


Thank you for your answers !

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Yes only between banks. Unless you bend over and change the mode by hand then back to snapshot mode. I’m always in snapshot mode when I use my stomp at small clubs with limited space. Otherwise my helix is on the floor.  So I set mine up like this.. bank 17a would be in snapshot mode with a b c being clean crunch. Lead.  Then 18a. Another preset if needed with snapshot a b c on it. It’s a two step process to get to next bank. You simultaneously step on a and b to go down one  bank or b and c to go up one bank. Then choose your preset and it automatically goes back to snapshot mode for that preset.  This unit is only my backup if my helix goes on the fritz or the stage is so small and limited on room.   If your playing in a band we’re you need seamless ways to get to other banks and or presets fast this is not for you IMO.  Go get a helix.

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