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USB3 compatibility?

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USB3 specifications state that both PORTS and DEVICES are suppose to be 100% backward compatible to USB2.


In theory, any USB 2 device (that includes Line 6, and thousands of other products on the market) should work with any USB3 port. If it doesn't, it's because the computer manufacturer has not followed spec, not the other way around. Quite often... it's just a case of adjusting the USB settings in the device manager. 

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USB3 isn't exactly new -- it's been on motherboards and laptops for quite some time. I would expect that the backward-compatibility would assure that older USB2 devices would work without difficulty. (Even Line 6 devices...)


Maybe the original post is actually referring to USB-C, which is an emerging standard and appears on newer iPhones. Maybe some newer laptops are starting to support this, too? That's a different animal, in that there's an entirely new connector involved. But, with a suitable adaptor, good chance that it would also work...

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Good point... I forgot about USB-C.


USB-C is the next incarnation of USB3. It is fully backward compatible to USB3 and USB2... it just uses a different size port. If USB-C is what the OP is referring to it's still not an issue... they may just need an adapter to make everything connect together. 


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