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My first Helix video: John Petrucci and Periphery tones!


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I've had the Helix LT for about three months now and I've got to say it's incredible how much value you get for how little it costs. 1) I can make it sound just like my real amps (Mesa Mark V, Dual Rectifier, JCM800 etc.) 2) It changes the channels on my amps and has all the effects I need and 3) It's super easy to use.


Here's my first video with it and I hope you guys like it:



If you liked the tones, we did actually just release a Helix compatible pack so go check it out: https://ml-sound-lab.com/

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5 hours ago, rrgilbreath said:

Sounds great. I got the pack and have only had a chance to check out the 57 mics, but it sounds great so far. I've been creating presets with the 57B IR, which is currently my favorite. 

So happy to hear that! It's all about the 57 for most people and it's no wonder. It's the main mic for myself even and I have mics that are 15 times more expensive that always become blend mics. Something that's new from us is having more Shure options, the 58 is very similar to the 57 but it's got more of that proximity going on so it's more of a focused low end. The SM7B however sound very different but is also amazing on it's own. Give those a try if you're 57 fan. :)


A lot of Helix guys have been praising these IR's. This post made my day:



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16 hours ago, MLSoundLab said:



Nice! I just bought it and it sounds awesome, the 57 mikes especially, will try in a mix later today. Not a fan of YouTube IRs demos since usually they sound different when you actually use them but I trust you from having used these Axe Cab Packs, it was a pain not being able to use them properly since Cab Lab does not work that well for me and they are impossible to use in the Helix. I can finally use your IRs freely, they definetly have a special growl to them for high gain and I remember the Zilla pack was insanely good for compressed cleans/ambient tones!





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I'm really happy to see people who are familiar with my work throughout the years. It's definitely more liberating with the .wav format and people being able to use the IR's without any hiccups with any IR loader. Actually I was a bit overwhelmed by the response. :)


If you guys have requests for something you'd like to see me work on, please let me know. Is there something that's missing for the Helix right now?

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