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HX Effects and EVH 5150 III 4cm - levels?


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I just got both the 50 watt combo and the HX effects.  I reset the HX to defaults, and the 5150 is basically new open box, so nothing much to change there.


I went 4CM and got it working 1st try,  I did not have to adjust any levels from line to instrument, etc.  It all just worked with the factory HX settings, if that helps.




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4CM involves connecting the FX send of your Helix to the front panel input of your amp, which will undoubtedly expect an "instrument level" signal. Although many users seem satisfied with setting the FX send on the Helix to "INST", I use a reamp box with the Helix set to "LINE" because the difference between "instrument level" and "line level" is not only voltage level but also impedance, and I've never seen a definitive answer as to whether the "INST" setting affects the impedance of the signal as well as the signal voltage, or just the voltage.


From there, yes, the FX send on your amp should output line level, and the FX return should also expect a line level signal. 

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