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5 Way switch not working (Variax mode only)

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Without warning my 5 way blade switch on my Standard no longer switches the Variax model.


It works perfectly switching the magnetics, however the selector doesn't no change the Variax model. I've opened Workbench HD and can see that it doesn't recognise the switch position. I can change the model in the interface.


Anyone else had this? I found reference to a similar sounding issue in the JTV59 forum, but nothing on the Standard.



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Intermittent connection under the pick-guard.

Needs to be serviced.


Log a Support Ticket in your account and check for the Line6 authorized service center

in your area. There is also Mark Wright Music in Northampton. Mark used to be my opposite 

number when there was a Line 6 in Rugby. He knows this gear well. Good tech, good mate.



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