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Midi Controller For M13 + Amp Channel Switching

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Let me preface this question by saying that I've spent forever researching this question and continually only get more confused. I currently own a line 6 m13 and a carvin V3 head (a fully MIDI equipped head). I'm looking to be able to have certain effects from my m13 only be assigned to certain channels on my V3, then with the change of a scene, the m13 FX change and/or the V3 channel changes.


Some Carvin guys actually got the m13 to assign to each scene in latch mode a channel from the V3, meaning that in latch mode, you could step on 1 of the twelve scenes and whichever channel you assigned to that scene would switch on too. The m13 however is apparently not designed to do this and is reflected in part (Im assuming) by a noticable latency in switching scenes with a channel assigned to a scene.


What I'm wondering is how to 'properly' achieve the feat of being able to switch amp channels and have corresponding FX from the m13 come on. For example, the V3 has three channels, so how could I have 4 patches (correct terminology?) for each channel, creating 12 unique scenes with sets of FX and an amp channel assigned to it?


So far I have learned a dedicated MIDI foot controller (ex. voodoo Ground control) is needed. However, is something like the voodoo lab GCX switcher also needed in addition to the ground control foot switch to achieve this? I hope my thoughts have been somewhat coherent. I tried to research this all first, but I was confused about the neccessity of something like the GCX in addition to the ground control footswitch for example, or if there is a simpler way of getting what I want.


Thanks for any help!

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