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Anybody Fitted Mechanical Auto-tune On A Jtv69s?

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I have a perfectly decent JTV 69s, but I would still like to take advantage of mechanical automatic tuning.


I have read that Chris Adams of Tronical, the man behind Gibson's automatic tuning technology, has released an install-it-yourself flavor called TronicalTune that can be fitted to Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Yamaha and Ibanez electrics, as well as Taylor acoustics.


I wonder if this could be fitted on the 69s as well.


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I think robot tuners are nice if you really want to stay in tune fast. Would be great for a gigging person, but I don't think it would sound good for drop-tunings. Drop tunings usually require thicker gauges to keep tension, which you can't do without changing strings.


I'm not sure anyone fitted one of these on yet. If it requires internal modifications of the guitar, it might not have room. A lot of the Variax guts take up space in a Variax guitar as opposed to a normal guitar.

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I don't intend to use mechanical auto tune for anything else that standard tuning.

I believe the ability to mechanically retune your guitar before every song in a live situation is really nice.

Drop tunings will be handled by my HD500, where I have presets for each song including JTV model, tuning and tone knob settings.


I understand from the vids+fotos, that this system is actually fitted on the neck top in 10 minutes, no need to mess with the Variax guts.



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Just received following e-mail:


Re: Line6 JTV69s compatibility Günther Klahr []  Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013 4:56 PM To:
Hello John

We do not support this model at the moment.
Maybe on of the "C" type (C1, C2 etc.) systems will work.
To check this out please download a template and compare.
Set your printer to full scale (100%)
For more information visit our website from time to time.

Thank You

Best regards

Guenther Klahr


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I just installed a Tronical Tune on my JTV-69US, and I thought you'd like to know that the C1 version of it fits just fine.




It does seem to add a little weight to the headstock, but the guitar still feels balanced. It does a great job of tuning, though.


What a cool device!

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i don't see the point of it in JTV because in variax you can make all the alt. tunning with out changing a tune of guitar itself.

by the way I have copel of Variax guitar like JTV89F and Variax 700 and no meter if i play leed or solo i don't need to tune it very often.

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It is absolutely necessary in a live situation, not for alternative tunings, but for physically keeping your guitar in perfect (standard) tune before each song.


Pls refer to post #3 above.

Seems like you purchased a car when you only really need a tire. Why pay $$$$ when you will only use $'s worth of functionality? I agree with Zap, not much payout
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