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Patching in Freeze Pedal

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Hi guys,


Have recently started using the Helix LT for my live rig and there is one thing I haven't been able to figure out.


Withmy old setup I had a freeze pedal at the end of my chain so that I could ring out the last chord of a song between guitar change overs etc. The Helix doesn't have a freeze type pedal so was trying to patch in my actual freeze pedal.


I am facing the following problems:


I run a stereo rig, with one head and cab going to left FOH and another going right  FOH via XLR.


I use Send 1 in a stereo send block to my onstage power amp for stage sound, I don't use a mono send as this bounces down my stereo path.


If I use Send 2 of the send block block to the freeze and then return into return 1 of a stereo return block this will send the freeze pedal to the left cab only which is ok, but when the freeze pedal is turned off I am sending the dry signal back through the path which messes with the tone / volume.


Using the FX loop would work better but as it's a mono pedal, when it returns I only get signal through one side of the chain.


Any suggestions on how I can patch this in successfully? Hoping a freeze type pedal is incorporated into the Helix soon!







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What was your old rig? I assume a pedal board and amp.. with the freeze being the last effect before the amp? (correct me if that assumption is wrong).


Based on that assumption, why not put the freeze in a mono loop as the last effect before the amp model? Since you are already usign SEND 1, just insert "MONO LOOP 2" as a block and use the "SEND/RETURN 2" jacks to complete the path to the Freeze pedal.

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