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Weird Signal Routing on HD500


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I've mostly used my HD500 for guitar sounds, but lately I figured I'd try to use that mic pre on it and process vocals and guitar separately using the two separate paths.  the front half seems to work fine,  but something happens in the mixer module that is weird.  I tried sticking to fx i knew should stay mono, like distortion, and panning them hard left and hard right respectively.  no matter what i do, the ostensibly stereo headphone output has the same signal in both the left and right channel.  Also, even weirder, each channel is quietest panned dead center, and each get louder when panned in either direction.  



any idea what is going on here?  i can't imagine this is some heretofore unnoticed bug.  I'll feel stupid if it is an operator error, but it seems unlikely given that I'm an experienced professional audio engineer and tend to know my way around these kinds of devices.

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*as mentioned, first thing is to always check the headphones (and any adapters that you are using)


Quietest with 0 pan means that you are having cancellation in the two signals. 

Maybe it is in the patch path design. Maybe it is in the listening device. But that is definitely a cancellation issue. 

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