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Difference Between Hd500 Interface And Hd Edit


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Hey All,


  I've been watching a lot of Line 6 videos on HD500 dual paths..........Almost all the time Sean does the iphone look, HD 500 LCD display, as he demonstrates the how to's.


  For a lot of reasons I don't like the HD 500 interface and I never use it to create, edit or manage my patches.  I always use HD Edit.  Right, wrong or indifferent thats me..........


  Anyway, here is my question.........What HD500 capabilities/functionality am I missing out on?  Are there functionalities available in the HD500 that I can not get at because I only use HD Edit?

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No.  HD Edit does everything you need to build your patches including Deep Editing Parameters and DT settings (if you use one).  It is far easier to use, IMO, and more importantly, you can backup your patches, set lists and bundles. 


Personally, I hate trying to work that little screen...  :angry:

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