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Wah question POD HD500


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Hi All .... sorry for taking so long to get back in here.


The big problem I seem to be having is that when I insert the overdrive FX (with the Wah) it is way too loud.


So I am thinking possibly that the wah may be in the wrong place in the EFX chain ?? (it is currently #6)


So the layout (left to right) in order is this ......


0) Compressor (Red Comp) - no FS - installed on all the time

1) Tube Drive - FS1

2) Analog Flanger - FS2

3) DDL / Mod - FS3

4) DDL / Mod - FS4

5) Bass Octaver - FS5

6) Wah (Conductor) - FS6 (EXP 1)

7) Jumbo Fuzz - FS7

8) Not Used - FS8


I MAINLY USE FS1 and FS3. The wah sounds pretty good without FS1 engaged but as soon as it is ... the volume jumps horrifically. Unusable. The volume does not jump horrifically when the wah is not engaged, it is just a bit louder than off. It is an obvious boost for solos etc.


Note the wah is engaged with a FS.


I can't seem to find a way to easily change the efx order?


Any ideas / suggestions???

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 6.18.26 PM.png

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Try placing wah before tube drive if you already know that is the problem. You can move the effect in chain in hd edit from the top where you see your whole chain as images. Just drag and drop it between other effects. And without hd edit, there is button on your device that says "move". Wonder what that would do. 

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6 hours ago, hallmike17 said:

Always wah the distortion, never distort the wah. 

Yes - it's ambiguous. I generally place the wah FX after the distorion FX. That's the way I prefer it, anyway, unless going for the specific sound of it before the distortion.

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