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Preset Tones


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I just bought this amp and the Peavey vypyr and going to try both for awhile and send one back.The question I have about the Jam is I selected a preset tone and it's highlighted in the screen but the tone has not changed,how do you use it or select it ?

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That's all you do. If you are at the screen in the picture I uploaded the tone is working. If you can't hear it gradually turn up the master volume 'till you hear it.


What I do is turn the amp on with the master all the way down. I hook up my guitar and make sure the volume and tone knobs are turned up all the way up. Choose an amp model. Then while the master is still all the way down I make sure all the knobs Drive, Bass, Mid, Treb, and Volume are turned all the way down. Then I turn the master up to 50% and start by turning the volume knob up 'till I get sound, then I turn up the bass,mid, and treble to my liking. Then I add drive slowly till I get what I like and then readjust volume and fine tune the tone stack. Whenever I switch to a different amp model I make sure I turn the master down before I touch that knob so I don't accidentally blast myself. After a while I just know what to do.


This process gives me an idea were I stand and I know better what the knobs change in relation to what I hear. If your running a stomp box into it make sure the levels on those are turned up as well. Most of the time i just make my own presets adjustments.

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