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Helix LT - FX Loops sound thin


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I'm a very new user but just starting to settle into using the LT. Most of the patches I'm building feature the two fx loops with me pedals in. I've noticed that even with the mix set to 100% the loops can sometimes sound very 'thin' when the pedals are bypassed. Bypass the loop itself and the sound is great.


Problem is that when this problem occurs the pedals don't sound too great - I guess they are not getting a decent signal.


What I find really odd is that some patches the loops are fine, some patches loop 1 is affected, some patches loop 2 is affected. The placement of the loops doesn't seem to have any bearing i.e. if I move them around there is no change.


I've seen a few posts about phasing issues but nothing that really helps me. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how do you fix it?

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What is your troubleshooting procedure?
Have you:
Replaced your stomps chain with patch cord and compared?
Compared two FX Loops with patch cord?
Tried to set FX loops instrument and live levels?
Tried to test separate stompboxes for their bypass behavior?

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