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Recording Sound On Sound Without Loosing The Original Guitar Part.

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So I have had very bad luck attempting to find an answer to my ?   My question...Is there a way to make a sound on sound recording laying voice over a previously recorded guitar part and save it without loosing use of the original guitar part sans vocal. 


On another note.... If Hellen Keller bought an amp with oodles of features, but nobody figure out how to hear them, are they really there?!

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seems like you have to remember to keep saving your original... so record it, save it, and then try adding a second track. I end up with a series of saved tracks - say i'm playing "Porch" - the first one i save is porch_g (guitar), then a porch_gv (guitar voice), then a porch_gvh (guitar voice harmonica) etc... that way you can always go back. Also worth noting that if you save it as a .wav file, then when you play it, you level it with the wav/mic/aux level, which may be useful if you are using the guitar input on your next track, because then you can level the guitar and rest of song independently.

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