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New Tones for HD series!


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I recently pulled out of storage my old Korg D3200 multitrack recorder while PC was being serviced.


Last time I used it was for recording drums in a live room about 4years ago and transferred the files to PC. Owned it since the Pentium days.


But going over the manual with it's 52 bit internal processing decided to try it in the HD FX loop.

And right away noticed a little more lushness with reverbs, it has a 4 band EQ on every channel and one on the master out.

Track insert FX on each channel and two send FX and two aux sends. I forgot how good the FX sounded but the PC migration was easier at the  time of Dual CPUs to navigate. Just better etc..With Amplitude, Revalver II etc until I demoed the HD500.


Anyway thought I'd mention this for the EQs, compressors, limiters, pitch shift, vocoder usual time based FX etc which really improves the HD tonal options. It's Amp models are alright for clean spacey stuff High gain no.

Not a new thing and some likely already doing similar but if you have an old recorder you might like it on the HD FX loop if the FX processing is good. 


Having two master FX you can load similar time based FX and pan these before it goes back to the HD. So two of the same slightly different on each side would be twice as good.

I went overboard  on this rediscovery but it is like getting a new device.  

If you don't have an old all -in-one, don't forget the Global EQ on the HD for recording as a tone control.


It would be worth purchasing a Helix LT over purchasing an old recorder unless you get it for real cheap or already have one already.

You might be glad you never sold it and always good to repurpose. 

When I trialed the Helix Native the FX stood out noticeably as better more so than the amps models compared to the HD to my ears and really I am not a heavy FX user but having a couple of EQs

and pretty good compressor for bass is not bad.

Still loving the POD HD!

Let me know if you have an FX module of some kind in your HD FX Loop?

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Running thru this mixer and affects adds a smear of latency when recombining, so routing outs to DAW from both the HD and the D3200 and phase tweaking there.


The time based effects have more control in the D3200 than on the HD and there is some improvement in clean wet tones from the HD. High gain there is less definition except if using D32 EQs. Will try out a few more of the effects  and midi sinc  and see what I can get from it. I usually don't like FX heavy patches.


In conclusion  the HD using a few parametics EQ blocks can get good resultss and the global EQ can be used for creating separation for double tracking.


Often for recording purposes, you want wetter higher gain while monitoring than what is recorded (advantage of Amp Sims)  

While it can be done in the DAW depends,  it can cause the need for greater buffer settings.




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I've given up using the D3200 as an FX extention;  not quite worth the extra tweaking and using the loop sort of loses the playing feel.

The HD Amps sound good to me and the FX are good enough. There is enough to tweak within the unit. Still lovin it!

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