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Had Enough Of The Hd500...buying A Kemper


Buying a Kemper Profiling Amp. Arrives in 1 week. Had enough of struggling to get what I need from the HD500. Never had to put this intense amount of effort into my POD XTLIve (which I still have and use...). I've spent weeks...no Months reading and re-reading and applying what I've learned from this forum and MeAndBobbo and others, and while it has helped immensley....it should be easier. And yes.. I am very adept at using technology and computers, electronics, and gear. The HD series...while sounding head and shoulders above the XTLive or X3...just fall short of the mark in terms of practical usability.


I will be using the HD500 as a Midi Controller for the Kemper...and apparently..there is a very easy way to run the HD500 into the Kemper's FX return and thereby utilize the HD500's sounds if i want to. Certainly..the Kemper has not yet implemented the range of FX that the HD has....but what they have are VERY, VERY good. The HD's computer inteface is great but Kemper will have that soon. Most importantly..the Kemper's architecture is set up such that they have positioned themselves to have the freedom to alter or change things down the road. The HD series needs to take a look at that. ...or rather....what ever Line 6 is cooking up to replace it.


Mostly...I'm very tired of the limitations of the HD500....waiting forever to get new amp models, amp models I don't want, fizzy high end that needs EQ'ing out...and the dreaded Mono/ Stereo input issue and all the problems it can and does cause. I've read all about it...played with it for months and months and am just going to move on.


I appreciate all the input the Forum members have given me. I'll visit time to time...but for now...my HD becomes a glorified Midi Controller.

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I also really like how the JTV integrates into the system; splitting the mags and models, for example, is my new thing. I love the sound of the variax mags through one amp model, into one DT, and the variax models into another amp model, and it's own DT. Balancing those sounds is killer, it just sounds stellar - both live from the amps, and through the XLR recording signal. A JTV is no slouch on price either - but, for the price of two Kemper's to get dual amp models, you could buy an HD500x, a JTV, two DT25's, and still have $500 left over.


I imagine Kemper + Stagesource sounds pretty stellar though! :) Get a pair of L3t's dialed in... OR even the L2t's, those little guys are loud and punchy, with really tight low end. Annoying fan noise... but that doesn't really matter if everything is going direct.

Once you start doing "dual tones" it is hard to go back. I can say both Axe and KPA are way easier to get great tones out of but Variax is a huge part of what I do so that a POD or two will likely be in my rig for a loooong time.

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