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Updating Gear

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Just got a dream rig, then see there are updates to the dt50,the hd500 and the JT59 variax . where do I start or do I need to?

 I saw one of Sean Halley's demos and he says all the alternate tunings can be downloaded in the HD500 and be accessed by the guitar. And there are more amps to load in the DT50 do those show up in the menu on the POD when line 6 link is used?

 I want to be able to have these in the buttons so I don't have to search for every thing by scrollin thru patches

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Hi guys

          newbie to line 6 stuff.:( ive recentle refurbished a flextone 2 that looked like

          johny rotten n sid vicious had been spraying it trying to make it look like snot.

          i LOVE IT.can anyone tell me if i can hook it up to a 2nd cab,and if so,what wattage ile get?

                                    Dave UK

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