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Whats The Best Way To Balance Patches With The _pod Hd 500 And L2t

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I just got and L2t for my pod HD 500 and JTV 69 variax . I'm using L6 link from the pod to the L2t and the patches are varying wildly in volume from patch to patch.  i would like to set them up to be balanced at a reasonably quite home level but be able to turn up the whole balanced rig once i'm on stage.  what the best way to balance the output of the patches from sparkly clean to full on balls and every where in-between  on this rig?

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Here's the process that worked for me.


Set Master Level on HD500 all the way clockwise.

I created a master acoustic patch (- 5 db at 70 hz, 22 % mix plate reverb), mixer 6db.

From here I used the mixer on all my other patches to balance their volume compared to the acoustic master patch

Now your patches are balanced.

You can set the volume on your L2t based on the venue and your patches will remain balanced.

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