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How to achieve that tone? Valve Super Kraken & Octo-Box

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I apologize if this isn't the right place for these kind of questions. The search didn't reveal a collecting thread or something like this.

The tone Rabea plays here is absolutely amazing- the Helix has almost too many options for me so that I have no idea how to start on getting this tone. 


As far as I can tell the UniversalAudio OX-Box serves as the cab simulation and goes straight into the computer, but I'm not sure. 


The tone gets even nicer when he switches to the bridge pickup at 5:48



I have his signature guitar, the ML3 Bea 25.5'' :)


I'd appreciate if you could give me hints on where to start.




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+1 for the Kraken/Super Kraken sound. If someone can figure out to emulate this on a Helix, that would be amazing. I think Bea and Victory designed some of the most amazing voicings & gain structures.


Yeah, I'm necrobumping this.

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