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Dual signal routing issues - How do I affect 2 signals independently?


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I've been reading the Signal Routing Examples in the manual, but I can't seem to get it to work properly.


I'd like to run 2 different signals (such as 2 guitars) into Helix Native (DAW is Reaper), and have Signal 1 feed Path 1, and Signal 2 feed Path 2.  I can do this with a single path, but I run out of processing on that path quickly.


All I can seem to do is route Signal 1 to the Path 1A and Signal 2 to Path 1B... But I can never get anything to go directly into Path 2 from the Host?  I've tried panning the tracks, and even feeding the Helix channels 1/2 and 3/4 from my DAW, but it doesn't seem to pay attention to inputs 3/4 at all.  Path 2 seems to only take in channels 1/2 in parallel to Path 1, or in series, if you alter the Host output option. 


See "Guitar Inputs" for seemingly logical path that doesn't work.


I also tried out the Parallel Paths option as described in the manual, but that doesn't work for this.  If both the input and output blocks are split, then the audio is simply running in parallel, as intended based on the name.  So I can't feed signal 1 into Path 1A, and feed signal 2 into Path 1B separately.


See "Guitar Inputs Parallel Paths".


Closest thing I can get to work is setting up 2 stereo paths and adjusting the panning everywhere so that one side stays left, and the other stays right.  That gives me the full power of both paths, but it seems like a really convoluted way to accomplish this.


See "Working".




Am I missing something?  Or is this just not possible?  How dcan you route something different to Path 2?






Guitar Inputs.png

Guitar Inputs Parallel Paths.png


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Hi Fr0sty!

Thanks the post.  I was able to do what you posted that using my "Working" screen shot basically.  I can either run dual mono paths in Path 2 (my screen shot) or a single stereo (your screen shot).  In either case, the confusion is about the inability to feed Path 2 directly.  It seems the best you can do is chain Path 1 into Path 2 and add on more effects.


I feel like Line6 has given us two Pods, but forgot the input jack on one and only provided an effects return.  lol


I'm guessing maybe they did this since they have to mix everything down to a single stereo output.  I would have much preferred 2 stereo outs, but could have settled for a single stereo out while still maintaining different paths.  Like Pod Farm 2 I guess.


Either way, I can at least get 2 mono guitar signals panned L and R like I wanted... Just not how I expected.

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