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Pod Hd Pod X Questions


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I am really wanting to get a pod pro hd x to use at home. to use for recording and at home playing.


i have looked every where online trying to figure out if i need to get a usb interface or not, and i still have not gotten a straight answer.


my questions are obvious:


Can i connect a pod hd pro x to my computer using a interface?


If so, what kind of interface (what specs does it need) will i need?


is the sound quality better if i connect through a interface or connect via usb from the pod unit itself?


im kind of a noob when it comes to the at home recording specs. so i honestly have no idea if i should fork over $250+ for something that i do not even need. someone please help

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No - the HD Prox sound quality is excellent imho.


You could always try the HD Prox out as an interface, and if you think the quality is inferior then you could spend the extra $$. My guess is that you you will find you don't need another interface.

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Not saying you don't need the HD Pro, but most things including recording and home playing can be done with an HD500X (and cheaper ;-).

I think as long as you just record with an HD device (Pro or 500) the builtin USB is just fine.

If you think about recording multiple tracks at the same time combining a Pod with other sources you will probably need a suitable interface because many SW packages can really only handle 1 device for multi-track recording. But you can always add that later. I'd just carefully check whether the extra Pro features are really needed because the price dfference could pay for a fair bit of other things you may want. Enjoy

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