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Things I Should Know If I Convert From Hd500 To Hd Pro & Fbv Mk2

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Hi All,


  I am thinking about upgrading from a HD500 to a HD Pro X & FBV MK2.  I must admit that I don't know anything about the MK2 and what it takes to configure to run with the HD Pro X.  Ultimately, I would like the conversion to be seamless....ha ha....


Is there anything folks can point me to?  I faq....


  Also, what is the work flow like?  I mean for my HD500, I just brought up HDEdit and configured the switches for each patch, done.  Does HD500 do the same thing for the FBV?



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I think you'll find there's little or nothing to do. In my case, a brand new FBV MkII worked straight out of the box with my HD Pro. All default settings were appropriate.


Make sure you update your HD Prox to the latest firmware; it fixes at least one previous bug in working with the FBV.


The one thing you should do for sure is use HD500 Edit to back up all your setlists while you still have your HD500 device. Then, when you get your HD Prox run the patch converter to make your HD500 setlists directly compatible with the HD Prox. You will then bea able to use HD Prox Edit to restore your presets to the HD Prox device. The converter is here. Credit and thanks to community user jzab.




Have fun!

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