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Korean 59 Switch

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So what IS the issue most had w/the pup switch - today I picked mine up & the modelled guitars are fine but playin straight the 3 way is noisy as F -$%^ just touching it creates noise

I did create a ticket


I see now others issues - really its ok w/modelled sounds - I hope its just a matter of a cleaning

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Switch or contact cleaner is probably the best fix for this, but just about every guitar I've ever owned has had a noisy switch at one point or another.  Another fix is to rapidly take the switch through it's positions until the crackle stops.  This wears off the tarnish that is preventing proper contact.


BTW, the same thing will happen from time to time with the volume and tone pots on guitars.  The fix is the same, either carefully spray them with contact cleaner, or just roll them back and forth rapidly until the noise goes away.

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another dumb question - You guys open up the back to spray it or just spray in front?

Front!  & cover around the switch with cloth & flick the switch between positions.

use Deoxit contact cleaner.

Never had this problem on my JTV 59 but on many Guitars the switch becomes noisy. Just a case of cleaning the contacts.

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