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Channel switching for Bogner Ecstasy


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Hello, newbie here, I am about to purchase a Bogner Exstasy, and was wondering how I can use the Helix EXT AMP to switch channels with it?  Is it at all possible.  The bogner only has an XLR spot for a footswitch.  I looked into the medusa cable, I am a bit confused.  One of the best parts of my current live set up is snapshots tied to my real amp for channel switching and I would hate to have that feature laid to waste.  


Thanks for any help on this matter, I really do appreciate it.  ROCK ON!

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Through the Helix alone, no, there's no way to control the Ecstasy. The Ecstasy uses a 7-pin cable (not really an XLR cable, more like a custom DIN cable). You could probably do something if you have the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher. I believe Voodoo Lab will make a cable that goes between the Ecstasy and the Control Switcher, and then you could recall presets on the Control Switcher via MIDI from the Helix.

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