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Factory Reset Podxt Live And Model Packs Are Gone...

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Bought a used PODxt Live...after a factory reset all the purchased model packs are gone. The model packs were purchased by the previous owner and I have no way to access their line 6 account. Any way to get them back?


Thanks, Chad

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contact the original owner and have them gift the packs to you.

there is no way for you to get them back yourself.

you may need line6 support to help you get in touch with the original owner...

i suggest you contact them soon:

free support for the XT ends January 1st.

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I've the same problem

I bought a PodXt Live in 2010. Never had a problem updating and my modelpacks stayed on the pod.

Now i want to sell the pod and one of the modelpacks went missing while updating Licence manager.


Please help me to restore this?



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