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Waiting For A Jtv-89f With Low Profile Floyd Rose

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I appreciate the new model JTV-89F with a Floyd Rose and played it in two music stores.


Unfortunately the Floyd Rose of the JTV-89F is not a low profile one like most Ibanez Trems (ZR2 etc), the Floyd Rose Pro or the Schaller Low Profile.


My experience is that I only can play comfortable with low profile trems. Back-slanted finetuners are essential for me to play palm muting with no disturbing finetuners.


So I ask and demand for a JTV with a low profile trem. Is there a chance that Line6 will produce one?


If yes, that could be my second JTV after the JTV-59 TSB.

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there is next to no chance... I think it's more likely a request like that would be a JTV2 type improvement if they make one.

I don't suspect we'll see a JTV2 for a long time, since the 59p,69s, and 89f were just released.

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I think your right and I´m sad about that. :(


A JTV with a low profile trem would be great for me and most Ibanez players.


I will not wait for it and look for a guitar with a low profile trem without modeling.

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I play ibanez, and even had an ESP modded with a lo-pro edge as I loved the lower trem so much. However I must say that I think the graphtech trem on the 89F is fine. Have gigged it, palm muted it and given it lots of stick and never noticed it being in the way at all

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