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Hd300 - Disable Bank Up/down And Footswitch Sensitivity?


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I have owned a POD HD300 for six months and I think it's an okay piece of gear for me. However there are some practical issues which come up constantly.


One major problem I've been having is the bank up/down feature when (accidentally) pressing the two footswitches at once. Is there a way to disable this feature altogether? I seem to be messing up my banks all the time since the footswitches are so sensitive and close to each other. It is very annoying, especially when playing live.


As a sidenote, the sensitivity of the footswitches also comes up for instance while recording loops. Sometimes when I press the record switch, it just records a few ms of noise and starts looping that instead of turning the recording on. This is also an issue when changing between the modes, since pressing the footswitch sometimes jumps over a mode as it would have been pressed twice.

Is there a way to make the footswitches less responsive in this manner?




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There's no way to adjust footswitch sensitivity with the device.


However, I've heard of a home-made solution to a similar problem - unintentionally engaging the Looper. In that case, people have used ordinary rubber bands wrapped around the base of the switch to prevent it from engaging easily (or at all). You could experiment with this technique to see if you can get just the right amount of resistance for your purposes.

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No - you can't disable the feature. Depending on your selected operational Mode the defined behaviour of some footswitches changes. But beyond that you can't control the bank/preset  up/down control footswitch operations. The footswitches will behave as defined for the mode; you can't change it.

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