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Anyone using the HX Effects and HX Stomp together?


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2 hours ago, optofonik said:

Just wondering what it might be like to add an HX Stomp to a pedalboard that already has an HX Effects.


I've thought about it. It depends on the angle you look at it:


1. Audio: It will sound amazing.


2. Practical: You done *?!@#!ed up and should have bought an LT. 

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I do. Got the effects first, paired with a Fly Rig 5, and that was my rig for several months. Then got the Stomp as a Christmas gift. I like that I can have a mini-fly Rig if I needed something compact for whatever reason. Strymon Ojai R30 powers both perfectly (for almost 2 months now). Get the 2.1-2.5 cable from Amazon so you don’t have to buy any adapters. Also get the voodoo labs current doubler for each unit.

The FR5 is my backup. 





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I use HX Effects with Helix in the effects loop. I also have settings with HX Stomp as a backup to Helix, but haven't had to use that live yet. HX Stomp standalone is also pretty useful with just some added MIDI control. 


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Went to a Metro24 board. Same power, just went to some slimmer EBS patch cables. I like the slimmer/in-line board. 
HX effects is in the FX Loop of the stomp (last in the path). I monitor with headphones (plus a HR 108) and need to use that FX block this way to be able to listen to everything through the headphone out on the stomp.


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